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When you hire Marcia, you are hiring an expert translator who understands that the quality of your translation is influenced by the specificities of your industry and readers’ culture. Marcia brings a lifetime of experience from living and working in Italy, France and England alongside her prestigious training at the University of Bologna.

Trust. Experience. Courtesy

“To me these three words are the key to building solid working relationships with clients who want to feel that the work they are entrusting me with is going to be dealt with in a responsible, confidential way, and being courteous goes without saying, in my book!

As a qualified translator you, the client, will experience a one-to-one relationship rather than going through an agency where the person translating your work is likely to be an anonymous face, with me the service is tailor-made to your needs. There are no intermediaries so you’ll get first-hand, quick responses regarding any questions and concerns.

Lastly, I love my job. I love both the translating process and the revision and editing process: I see translation a bit like constructing a new house from the source language to the target language, and revision work is a bit like renovating what already exists!”


Dual srl

Torino, Italy

Part of the Nonmetallic Mineral Mining and Quarrying Industry. DUAL SRL has 12 employees at this location and generates $2.58 million in sales (USD).

IRST “Dino Amadori”

Meldola, Italy

The Romagnolo Institute for the Study of Tumors “Dino Amadori“ dedicated to treatment, research and training in the oncology field.

Prof. Eduard Bercovich

Romanian urologist, educator. Certified specialist in urology. Member of American Urological Association, International Urological Society, European Urological Association.


BA degree in Intercultural and Linguistic Mediation from the University of Bologna, Campus Forlì. The faculty is world renowned for its excellent training of translators and interpreters.

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