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Marcia has more than 20 years’ experience working within the healthcare industry and completed her university internship in the editing office of the renowned research hospital IRCCS Istituto Romagnolo per lo Studio dei Tumori IRST “Dino Amadori”, Italy. With her breadth and depth of knowledge, she can confidently and accurately translate terminology, data and jargon specific to medical literature, whilst paying meticulous attention to the register, style and confidentially required for the text.


Fashion translation, much like scientific translation, carries its own unique demands and challenges that require a high degree of global fashion communications, merchandising and branding knowledge. Marcia’s translations pay meticulous attention to your culture, ethos and unique identity as a brand, designer or fashion writer. This means that you are professionally and authentically represented in your international communications. Her recent work includes translating for the Italian fashion brand Ermanno Gallamini.


Marcia immerses herself in the world of your fictional text, so she can truly understand your idiosyncratic voice and style as a writer and the unique lives of your characters. In 2019, she translated the fictional work of the late urologist Eduard Bercovich entitled A Life Worth Living, currently on sale on Amazon. Her other works include translating the subtitles of the photo-documentary Instant Dreamscapes in Isolation by the photo-documentarist Adele Mary Reed.

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Translation: €0,12/wd


Translation: €0,12/wd
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Translation: €0,12/wd
Revision: €0,05/wd

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