Process & methodology

Marcia’s translation process and methodology is designed to make your project as efficient, collaborative and enjoyable as possible for you, working closely with you to cultivate a relationship built on trust, courtesy and transparency.

Research & preparation

You can’t just pick up a text and translate it. Whether you need a translation that is written for academic, informal or publicity purposes, the research and preparation that goes into your text is paramount for its success. That’s why Marcia conducts thorough research into the domain, register and target audience your text will circulate in. This research and preparation is crucial for guaranteeing the accuracy of the language as well as the best reading experience for your audience.

How we work


In our first meeting we will define the length of your text alongside the domain, register, terminology, and the target audience (i.e., journal, magazine, website).


When we have everything we need and your approval, we’ll provide you a feasible timeline for the project’s completion, an approximate fee and then we’ll get to work.


During the translation and revision process, we offer an open-door policy, where you can ask for updates and voice any questions and concerns you might have.


Once you have approved the final draft after revisions and amendments, the translation will be complete and ready for publication.

“For me, good translation depends upon building a good relationship with you as a client. Asking questions doesn’t show a sign of weakness or uncertainty, it shows a sign of strength and a commitment to getting the smallest details correct. When you partner with me, you don’t hand over a piece of work and have no correspondence with me until the translation is finished.

I offer an open-door policy where you can ask me questions and provide additional information throughout the translation process. By building a rapport with you, I can understand the specificities of your content, the tone you’re looking for and the expectations of your audience. Since language and industries are constantly evolving, I make sure I conduct thorough research into your content and target audience before I begin to ensure the translation is fit for a contemporary readership.
When we come to the final drafts of the translation, your feedback will help me make edits and amendments that put the finishing touches on your text, so the finished article is perfect and wholly fulfils the brief you have provided me.”

Marcia J Myrie